Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 6, Issue 5, pp 587–589 | Cite as

Products of the reaction of anabasine with phosgene

  • Yu. N. Forostyan
  • E. I. Efimova
  • A. P. Oleinik


The reaction of anabasine with phosgene has given the anabasinium salt of phosgene, anabasine-N-carbonyl chloride, and the urea derivative N,N′-carbonyldianabasine. In addition to the formation of these substances, the pyridine ring of anabasine is cleaved, giving the red substance 1-chloro-5-chloroformyl-amino-2-piperidin-2-yl)penta-1,3-diene.


Pyridine Ring Acid Chloride Phosgene Anabasine Anhydrous Toluene 


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  • Yu. N. Forostyan
  • E. I. Efimova
  • A. P. Oleinik

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