Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 6, Issue 5, pp 569–571 | Cite as

Triterpene glycosides of Caulophyllum robustum

  • L. I. Strigina
  • N. S. Chetyrina
  • G. B. Elyakov


Glycosides which we have called “caulosides” A, B, C, D, and E have been isolated from the perennial relict plantCaulophyllum robustum.

The aglycone of caulosides A, C, D, and E is hederagenin. It has been found that the carbohydrate chains of caulosides D and E contain glucose, arabinose, and rhamnose; those of C, glucose and arabinose; and those of A and B, arabinose. Caulosides D and E contain carbohydrate chains attached by an O-acyl glycoside bond.


Glycoside Saponin Arabinose Rhamnose Carbohydrate Chain 


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  • L. I. Strigina
  • N. S. Chetyrina
  • G. B. Elyakov

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