Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 9, Issue 2, pp 179–182 | Cite as

Methods for the instrumental analysis of the components of a CO2 extract of Piper nigrum

  • Ya. S. Meerov
  • A. N. Katyuzhanskaya


1. A method for isolating the pure alkaloid piperine from a CO2 extract of black pepper has been developed

2. Methods of instrumental (spectrophotometric and colorimetric) analysis have been developed which permit the determination of the amounts of piperine and of total bitter substances in a CO2 extract of pepper and in peppercorns.


Concentrate Nitric Acid Piperine Black Pepper Methylenedioxy Caustic Potash 


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  • Ya. S. Meerov
  • A. N. Katyuzhanskaya

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