Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 9, Issue 2, pp 150–151 | Cite as

Crateside — A new flavonol glycoside from Crataegus monogyna and C. pentagyna

  • N. Nikolov
  • V. S. Batyuk
  • V. Ivanov


From the leaves ofCrataegus monogyna L., and also from the leaves and flowers ofC. pentagyna W. et K. we have isolated a new natural flavonoid and have called it crateside. It has been established by a chemical and spectroscopic investigation that crateside is quercetin 3′-β-L-arabofuranoside.


Flavonoid Quercetin Acetic Anhydride Spectroscopic Investigation Potassium Iodide 

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  • N. Nikolov
  • V. S. Batyuk
  • V. Ivanov

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