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Improvement of the efficiency of high-frequency electrosurgical instruments

  • S. V. Belov
Research, Design, And Technology


Development of effective new models of high-frequency electrosurgical instruments is an important problem, although each individual project requires special technological and economic substantiation and marketing prognosis. For example, development of a high-frequency argon jet coagulator was canceled in the Laboratory of Electrosurgical Instruments, All-Russian Scientific-Research Institute for Medical Instrument Engineering (VNIIMP-VITA Joint-Stock Company) at the prototype stage for economic reasons. Indeed, the cost of the newly developed instrument is about 4–5 higher that the cost of the Politom-2, while the efficiency of the argon jet electrode is only 15–20% as higher. Besides, lack of centralized supply of medical institutions with argon significantly reduces the efficiency of the argon jet coagulator.

Analysis of clinical use of electrosurgical instruments shows that auxiliary elements and various modifications may substantially increase efficiency and extend areas of application. For example, the Éndotom-1, being supplied with monopolar electrodes, can be used in general surgery. The Politom-2 can be combined with aspiration unit, which significantly extends its surgical application. For commercial and technical information concerning electrosurgical instruments contact: telephone: (095) 211-17-77; fax: (095) 200-22-13.


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