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Avulsion fractures of the pelvis in children: a report of 32 fractures and their outcome

  • Manthravadi Sundar
  • Helen Carty


Avulsion injuries of the apophyses of the pelvis are mainly athletic injuries and are usually seen in adolescents. In a series of 80 pelvic fractures in children seen and managed in The Royal Liverpool Children's Hospital, Alder Hey, in the last 10 years, 32 avulsion fractures in 25 patients were diagnosed and treated. Twenty-two of these patients were followed for an average of 44 months (range 4–120 months). Eight (33%) were girls, a higher proportion than in other published series. The average age of the children was 13.8 years. These fractures, though generally regarded as trivial injuries, have left disability persisting into adult life, with limitation of sporting ability in 10 of the 22 patients and persistent symptoms in 6, mostly in those with ischial avulsion injuries. Fourteen patients with acute injuries needed hospitalisation, with an average stay of 5 days. The other 11 were suffering from chronic traction injuries sustained in sport. This distinction between acute and chronic injuries has not been emphasized in the other reviews. The radiological appearances, diagnostic problems and morbidity are discussed in order to increase awareness of these injuries.

Key words

Avulsion fractures Sports injury Chronic traction injury 


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© International Skeletal Society 1994

Authors and Affiliations

  • Manthravadi Sundar
    • 1
  • Helen Carty
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of OrthopaedicsRoyal Liverpool Children's NHS TrustLiverpoolUK
  2. 2.Department of RadiologyRLC NHS TrustAlder Hey, LiverpoolUK

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