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Selenographic control

  • Michael D. Moutsoulas


Evaluation of selenographic data obtained with use of different observational means require the formulation of rigorous algorithms connecting the systems of coordinates, which the various methods have been referred to. The lunar principal axes of inertia are suggested as most appropriate for reference in lunar mapping and selenographic coordinate catalogues. The connection between the instantaneous axis of lunar rotation (involved in laser ranging, radar studies, astronomical observations from the surface of the Moon and VLBI observations of ALSEPs), the ecliptic system of coordinates (which in reductions of observations was considered as fixed in space), the ‘Cassini’ mean selenographic coordinates (to which physical libration measures were referred), the lunar principal axes of inertia and the invariable plane of the solar system is discussed.


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  • Michael D. Moutsoulas
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  1. 1.Lunar Science InstituteHoustonUSA

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