Biomedical Engineering

, Volume 1, Issue 3, pp 124–128 | Cite as

Main trends in development of medical technology

  • S. I. Babkin
  • V. I. Bel'kevich
  • B. M. Matsko
  • L. K. Meer
  • V. M. Shustov


1. The main directions for the development of medical technology must be determined primarily by the evidence of official statistics for morbidity, mortality and loss of working time from illness.

2. At the present time the main trends should be determined by the need to prevent affections of the upper respiratory passages, influenza and angina (pharyngeal) and by the need for the early diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and malignant neoplasms.

3. The volume and nature of research work and experimental constructional work undertaken in connection with other lines of approach to the problem of disease prevention must likewise bear some proportion to objective indices of work-loss or mortality.


Cardiovascular Disease Influenza Malignant Neoplasm Early Diagnosis Research Work 
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  • S. I. Babkin
  • V. I. Bel'kevich
  • B. M. Matsko
  • L. K. Meer
  • V. M. Shustov

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