Biomedical Engineering

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New apparatus and method for investigating blood retraction and clotting

The electroretractograph and electroretractography
  • L. F. Koblov
New Medical Instruments


1. A new apparatus and new method for investigating blood clotting and retraction (electroretractograph, ERG) are suggested.

2. The ERG can be used to record the beginning, end, rate, and character of the retraction process, the clotting time of the blood, the hematocrit index, the onset and intensity of fibrinolysis, and to estimate the functional state of the platelets.

3. The ERG facilitates the diagnosis and assessment of the severity of diseases and disturbances of the clotting system of the blood and also enables the results of treatment to be checked.


Functional State Blood Clotting Retraction Process Hematocrit Index 


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