European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp 137–139 | Cite as

Venoconstrictor effect of dihydroergotamine in superficial hand veins

  • W. H. Aellig


The effect of dihydroergotamine on superficial veins of the hand has been investigated in healthy volunteers. The compliance of the veins was assessed by measurement of their diameter at a standard congestion pressure. Direct local infusion into the vein under study of 0.4 µg and 2.0 µg dihydroergotamine reduced venous compliance by 15±5% and 30±3%, respectively. Local infusion of phentolamine 20 µg, an α-adrenoceptor blocking drug, did not affect venous compliance, but markedly inhibited the venoconstrictor effect of dihydroergotamine 2 µg. It was concluded that the venoconstrictor effect of dihydroergotamine demonstrated in this experiment was mainly due to α-adrenoceptor stimulation. Venous compliance also decreased after oral administration of dihydroergotamine 10 mg; after 150 min, venous diameter was reduced by 30±5%.

Key words

Dihydroergotamine phentolamine venoconstriction venous compliance α-adrenoceptor blockade 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • W. H. Aellig
    • 1
  1. 1.Experimental Therapeutics Department, Biological and Medical Research DivisionSandoz Ltd.BasleSwitzerland

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