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Prophylactic efficacy of N-2-hydroxyethyl palmitamide (Impulsin®) in acute respiratory tract infections


Two large scale, double-blind field trials were conducted to test the efficacy of Impulsin (N-2-hydroxyethyl palmitamide) in reducing the incidence and severity of respiratory tract infections. The results suggested that repeated daily intake of Impulsin 30 mg per kg helped to prevent virus infections of the respiratory tract, since it produced a statistically significant reduction in the incidence of illness. Prophylactic treatment with Impulsin markedly diminished the number of episodes of fever, headache and sore throat, whilst catarrhal symptoms were much less affected.

The administration of Impulsin had no effect on the mean duration of disability and fever, which suggests that the severity of the diseases was not affected.

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Impulsin (N-2-Hydroxyethyl palmitamide) is the product of SPOFA United Pharmaceutical Works.

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