Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics

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Reaction of the hydrogen-absorbing intermetallic compound TiFe with oxygen. II. Kinetics of oxidation of TiFe in air

  • V. G. Chuprina
  • I. M. Shalya
  • V. S. Zenkov
Research Methods And The Properties Of Powder Materials


We have studied air oxidation (600–950°C) of TiFe alloy by the gravimetric method. We describe the oxidation process by a parabolic time law as well as an exponential temperature law. The weight increase isotherms have breaks, the two parts of the lines corresponding to a periodic increase in the rate constant at temperatures less than 800°C and a decrease at temperatures higher than 800°C. The activation energy also increases above 800°C, and the difference between the oxidizability of TiFe and its analog TiNi decreases. The change in the oxidation mechanism for TiFe is hypothetically determined by the increase in the role of rutile in high-temperature oxidation, and the possibility of diffusion of titanium through interstitial positions of the rutile (TiO2) lattice, similar to previously studied oxidation.


TiO2 Rutile Intermetallic Compound TiNi Gravimetric Method 


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  • V. G. Chuprina
  • I. M. Shalya
  • V. S. Zenkov

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