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, Volume 35, Issue 10, pp 935–939 | Cite as

The effect of intercalation on the exction spectrum and structure of layered single crystals

  • Z. D. Kovalyuk
  • M. N. Pirlya
  • A. I. Seredyuk
  • V. I. Vitkovskaya
Physics Of Seiconductors And Insulators


The excitonic absorption spectra of intercalated BaxGaSe crystals (0<x≤1) were analyzed in the temperature range 77–293 K. Nonmonotonic dependences of the energy location of the fundamental exciton maximum and the halfwidth of the low exciton band on concentration and a shift (8 meV) of the secondary exciton maximum to shorter wavelengths were discovered. Proceeding from the series dependence of excitonic maxima at temperatures of 77 and 90 K, according to the three dimensional anisotropic Wannier-Mott exciton model, the bands and exciton parameters of GaSe and BaxGaSe (x=0.05, 0.1) were calculated. X-ray structure analysis has revealed the first evidence of additional scattering in the form of broadened maxima in the x-ray diffraction patterns of BaxGaSe crystals, which does not occur in the source material GaSe. The appearance of broadened maxima in the intercalated crystal is due to the fact that incorporated ions of Ba at some critical concentration (x>0.3) generate local regions of intercalant enrichment.


Critical Concentration Energy Location Excitonic Absorption Series Dependence Nonmonotonic Dependence 
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  • Z. D. Kovalyuk
  • M. N. Pirlya
  • A. I. Seredyuk
  • V. I. Vitkovskaya

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