Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics

, Volume 33, Issue 3–4, pp 204–207 | Cite as

Effects of mechanical and thermal treatment on the properties of a silver-cadmium oxide composite

  • M. N. Ovchinnikova
  • O. A. Katrus
  • M. P. Afonin
Methods Of Investigation And Properties Of Powder Materials


Measurements have been made on the corrosion resistance, residual porosity, impact toughness, and structure of a silver-cadmium oxide composite caused by rolling and heat treatment of sintered powder blanks. The corrosion resistance has been examined for contacts composed of a rolled composite consisting of silver with 15% cadmium oxide and contacts of grade KMK A10m made from the same material by pressing and sintering.


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  • M. N. Ovchinnikova
  • O. A. Katrus
  • M. P. Afonin

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