Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics

, Volume 32, Issue 1, pp 55–58 | Cite as

x·Al2O3-y·TiO2 powders for plasma sputtering

  • G. V. Lavrova
  • S. V. Milovzorova
  • I. V. Plyuto
  • V. M. Beletskii
Powder Metallurgical Materials, Products, And Coatings


It is shown that it is possible to produce x·Al2O3-yTiO2 compositions for plasma sputtering of durable coatings. This is achieved by grinding-free synthesis of a composite powder x·Al2O3-y·TiO2 in which the low-melting component (titanium dioxide) is clad with aluminum hydroxide, which is formed by oxidation of aluminum by water in alkaline solutions.


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  • G. V. Lavrova
  • S. V. Milovzorova
  • I. V. Plyuto
  • V. M. Beletskii

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