Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics

, Volume 32, Issue 11–12, pp 908–910 | Cite as

Preparation and properties of yttrium-barium cuprate powder

  • A. A. Flis
  • G. N. Novitskaya
  • N. I. Kryuchkova
  • V. S. Flis
  • K. P. Danil'chenko
Scientific Methods And Properties Of Powder Materials


It is proposed to use mixed precipitation of Y(NO3)3 and Cu(NO3)2 with aqueous KOH to increase the mass of single-phase YBa2Cu3O7−γ powder without adversely affecting the electrophysical parameters. The barium is added as an aqueous solution of Ba(OH)2, and the powder is produced by a two-stage method. The parts of the powder are agglomerates made up of finely divided powder active in sintering. The technological features of the powder have been examined and the moldability limits have been defined.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • A. A. Flis
  • G. N. Novitskaya
  • N. I. Kryuchkova
  • V. S. Flis
  • K. P. Danil'chenko

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