Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics

, Volume 33, Issue 9–10, pp 476–478 | Cite as

Effect of ferrite powder fineness on the structure and properties of ceramic materials

  • V. P. Pashchenko
  • A. M. Nesterov
  • O. G. Litvinova
  • S. N. Kudlenko
  • R. M. Poritskii
Powder Materials, Components And Coatings


Comprehensive study of the structure and properties of ferrite materials prepared from powders with different specific surface (0.4 m2/g<Ssp<1.2 m2/g) shows that the optimum specific surface of manganese—zinc ferrite powders is about 0.6 m2/g. With an increase in the specific surface of nickel—zinc and barium ferrite powders the porous crystalline structure of sintered specimens and most of the main electromagnetic properties of ferrite articles are improved.


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  • V. P. Pashchenko
  • A. M. Nesterov
  • O. G. Litvinova
  • S. N. Kudlenko
  • R. M. Poritskii

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