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, Volume 37, Issue 10, pp 1001–1007 | Cite as

Nonlinear interaction of optical biharmonics in a gaseous medium without inversion centers

  • A. S. Bakai
  • A. V. En'shin
Optics And Spectroscopy


This study investigates observed interactions between second-order optical biharmonics with difference frequencies characteristic of intra-molecular spin motion. The simultaneous solutions of equations of motion for electron shells and nuclear and generalized Maxwell equations for electromagnetic waves are found. It is shown that a complete orthogonal series of solutions for the observed condition are comprised of Bessel Jn(z) functions. Leading from the properties of these functions it can be proved that bimodal light at a distance L gives rise, for example, to red and blue side lobes κL of comparable intensities. The results obtained may be useful in finding and developing low energy methods for destroying inversion symmetry in gaseous media.


Electromagnetic Wave Difference Frequency Maxwell Equation Nonlinear Interaction Gaseous Medium 
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  • A. S. Bakai
  • A. V. En'shin

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