Russian Physics Journal

, Volume 37, Issue 1, pp 80–84 | Cite as

A model of an open universe with a variable equation of state

  • A. M. Baranov
  • E. V. Savel'ev
Elementary-Particle Physics And Field Theory


An approach is proposed allowing one to find exact solutions of the equations of GTR, written for a conformally-planar metric with a specific dependence of the coordinates. The approach is based on an analogy between the equation determining the pressure, and the one-dimensional Newton's equation with a potential right side. The equation of state is not fixed, but is found by giving the form of the potential. The Friedmann solution corresponds to the free motion of a Newtonian particle. Exact solutions are derived describing the mixture of dust and ultrarelativistic matter. The analysis shows that a model containing only radiation is unstable with respect to small dustlike additions. In all the models the equation of state is a function of a definite combination of space — time coordinates.


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  • A. M. Baranov
  • E. V. Savel'ev

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