Materials Science

, Volume 30, Issue 2, pp 244–247 | Cite as

Evaluation of the efficiency of heat treatment of corrosion-resistant zinc-aluminum coatings

  • V. I. Pokhmurs'kyi
  • Yu. V. Dz'oba
  • M. S. Khoma
  • O. Ya. Lyzun
Nondestructive Test Methods


We propose a method for evaluating the influence of heat treatment on the antirust properties of plastically deformed coated sheet steel and suggest the optimum mode of heat treatment of sheet steel with zinc-aluminum coatings subjected to deformation and attacked by a corrosive environment.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • V. I. Pokhmurs'kyi
  • Yu. V. Dz'oba
  • M. S. Khoma
  • O. Ya. Lyzun

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