European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

, Volume 37, Issue 2, pp 139–143 | Cite as

Utilization of benzodiazepines in Chile during 1982–1986

  • I. Ruiz
  • J. Offermanns
  • P. Fuentes
  • M. Castillo


The consumption of benzodiazepine drugs (BDZ) in Chile in the period 1982–1986 has been studied by the DDD method. National use was assessed using drug import forms as a source of information, assuming that the total amount imported was manufactured and consumed in the same year.

The utilization did not show a constant pattern, being 32.7, 33.6, 50.2, 34.9, and 31.3 DDD 1000 per inhabitants per day in 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985 and 1986, respectively. During the study period, diazepam was the most commonly used agent amongst anxiolytic BDZ, reaching a peak of 27.1 DDD per 1000 inhabitants per day in 1984, and flunitrazepam was the most popular hypnotic, attaining its maximum in 1986 (6.4 DDD per 1000 inhabitants per day). The use of BDZ at community pharmacy level was also evaluated, employing the International Marketing System (IMS) as the source of information. At that level the pattern of utilization showed a constant increase during the study period, being 14.9 and 25.8 DDD/1000 inhabitants/per day in 1982 and 1986, respectively.

In community pharmacies the anxiolytic BDZ most often consumed was diazepam (maximum 9.1 DDD per 1000 inhabitants per day in 1985), and the commonest hypnotic was flunitrazepam (peak 6.0 DDD per 1000 inhabitants per day in 1986).

National consumption of BDZ appeared higher and more variable than use at the community pharmacy level, but in both there was greater usage of anxiolytic than of hypnotic BDZ, and diazepam and flunitrazepam were the most popular agents.

Key words

benzodiazepine Chile agent consumption/ — utilization diazepam flunitrazepam 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • I. Ruiz
    • 1
  • J. Offermanns
    • 1
  • P. Fuentes
    • 1
  • M. Castillo
    • 1
  1. 1.Departmento de Ciencias y Tecnología Farmacéuticas, Facultad de Ciencias Químicas y FarmacéuticasUniversidad de ChileSantiagoChile

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