Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 23, Issue 1, pp 70–73 | Cite as

The swelling of Nigma fibres

  • V. N. Smirnova
  • M. A. Kop'ev
  • M. M. Iovleva
Physico-Mechanical Properties And Application Of Man-Made Fibres


-- It has been found that the primary swelling of fibres prepared from solutions of cellulose curpimonium complex has an extremal dependency on the composition of the aqueous—organic precipitation bath.

-- The character of the dependence of the swelling of the finished CuC and HC fibres on composition of the mixed precipitant indicates a structural memory of the fibre during the transition CuAC → CuC → HC.

-- The extremal character of the temperature dependence of swelling of HC fibres in a solvent + precipitant mixture is probably brought about by several oppositely directed processes, including complex formation, change in solubility, ionization, etc.


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  • V. N. Smirnova
  • M. A. Kop'ev
  • M. M. Iovleva

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