Biomedical Engineering

, Volume 5, Issue 5, pp 290–293 | Cite as

Aging of certain polymers and ways of increasing their deformation resistance

  • M. Z. Shteingart
  • P. V. Melent'ev
  • L. N. Petrova
  • E. N. Petrov
Investigations, Design, And Technology


1. Aging of the material of artificial dentures was investigated at room temperature, with immersion of the specimens in artificial saliva, and also in a medium under a load up to 50 kgf/cm2.

2. It was shown that natural aging of the material in air and with its immersion into a liquid simulating saliva has practically no effect on the deformation properties of the material.

3. When the material is kept under a constant compressive load simulating jaw pressure, its deformational properties change.

4. The addition of 10% PDI-4A to PMMA more than doubles the deformation resistance of the material.


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  • M. Z. Shteingart
  • P. V. Melent'ev
  • L. N. Petrova
  • E. N. Petrov

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