Biomedical Engineering

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Evaluation of automatic mixing in clinical biochemistry

  • T. I. Lukicheva
  • A. S. Grin
  • O. O. Grigor'eva
Research, Design, And Technology


1. This method of physical simulation of the mixing provides an objective evaluation of the performance in automatic mixing in a biochemical autoanalyzer.

2. In the simulation, the viscosity of the actual reagents may be simulated to facilitate approximation to the actual working conditions.

3. When the mixing is provided by jets of the dispensed liquid directed under pressure from a cannula into the reaction vessel, the mixing is inadequate, which influences the correctness in biochemical parameter determination. Any attempt to improve the mixing performance by means of bubble mixers is undesirable, since it favors transfer of the previous sample into the subsequent one and in some cases causes foaming and loss of material from the reaction vessel.


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  • T. I. Lukicheva
  • A. S. Grin
  • O. O. Grigor'eva

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