Biomedical Engineering

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Total interelectrode impedance of the body of biological objects and its equivalent circuit

  • R. Kh. Tukshaitov
  • G. P. Novoshinov
Research, Design, And Technology


1. The total interelectrode impedance (TII) is a nonlinear function of many variables and can characterize the functional condition of the organism.

2. On the basis of experimental data it was established that the equivalent circuit of the TII may be represented as a parallel connection of the interelectrode resistance (IR) and the interelectrode capacitance (IC).

3. The proposed variation on the method of preparing the skin is convenient, simple, and facilitates a decrease in the electrode artifacts when an electrocardiogram is taken.

4. The cyclical nature of the TII over a period of one year is pointed out.

5. The TII and its components are approximated with sufficient accuracy by an exponential polynomial.

6. We consider it expedient to estimate the error of recording bioelectrical potentials from the distortion of the lower frequencies of their spectrum.


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  • R. Kh. Tukshaitov
  • G. P. Novoshinov

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