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Bulk magnetic properties of Co-Zn ferrites prepared by the co-precipitation method


The alternating current (a.c.) susceptibility versus temperature and magnetization measurements are reported for the disordered spinel ferrite system Zn x Co1-x Fe2 O4 prepared by a wet chemical method before and after high temperature annealing. The low field a.c. susceptibility measurements indicate that the low temperature synthesis of wet prepared Co-Zn ferrites aids the formation of spin-clusters and thereby increases the magnetic inhomogeneity. The X-ray analysis shows that the samples are single phase spinels and the variation of lattice constant with zinc concentration deviates from Vegard's law [1]. The high temperature annealing changes the wet prepared ferrites into the ordered magnetic structure of the ceramic ferrites.

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Pandya, P.B., Joshi, H.H. & Kulkarni, R.G. Bulk magnetic properties of Co-Zn ferrites prepared by the co-precipitation method. J Mater Sci 26, 5509–5512 (1991).

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  • Ferrite
  • Zinc Concentration
  • High Temperature Annealing
  • Phase Spinel
  • Magnetic Inhomogeneity