Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 18, Issue 1, pp 49–52 | Cite as

Determination of the shear modulus of yarns in twisting

  • V. P. Podorvan
  • I. K. Shovkun
  • A. P. Ovdak
Physicomechanical Properties And Application Of Man-Made Fibers


Experimental data on the effect of linear density and yarn structure on shear modulus in twisting polycaproamide yarns support an inverse dependence of the shear modulus in twisting on linear density and on number of elementary filaments in the complex yarn.

It has been demonstrated theoretically and experimentally that the calculational formula in the VNIIV procedure is suitable only for determining the shear modulus in twisting monofilam and is not suitable for calculating the shear modulus of complex yarns.

An equation has been derived which is recommended for determining the shear modulus of yarns of various structures using a twisting pendulum.


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  • V. P. Podorvan
  • I. K. Shovkun
  • A. P. Ovdak

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