Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 19, Issue 2, pp 107–111 | Cite as

Change in polymer supermolecular structure on heat-treatment of technical purpose polyester yarns

  • S. L. Pakshver
  • Z. P. Vysotskaya
  • É. M. Aizenshtein
Chemistry And Technology Of Man-Made Fibres


By use of low-angle and large-angle x-ray scattering methods on specimens of technical polyethylene terephthalate yarn, it has been shown that:

heat-treatment with additional stretching makes it possible to preserve both the size and the original orientation level of the ordered structural regions of the polymer, with a significant reduction in size and some reduction in orientation of the amorphous sections;

on heat-treatment with an assigned relaxation, the decrease in size of the amorphous sections and the degree of their disorientation are proportional to the assigned “negative stretch”;

if heat-treatment is conducted under isometric conditions, the size of the amorphous sections changes only slightly, but the mean orientation function remains unchanged.


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  • S. L. Pakshver
  • Z. P. Vysotskaya
  • É. M. Aizenshtein

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