Fibre Chemistry

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Nature of the precipitate on the filter medium in filtration of the precipitation bath in Fenilon fibre manufacture

  • A. V. Dolgov
  • M. P. Vladimirova
  • Yu. V. Glazkovskii
Chemistry And Technology Of Man-Made Fibres


-- The precipitate on the filter medium on a filtering precipitation bath is a mixture of PMPIA oligomers with a weight average molecular weight of ∼1000.

-- In the filtered-off LMF, the content of amino groups is close to their content in the polymer and is approximately 10 times less than in the oligomers. The reduced content of amino groups is caused by a smaller content of molecules with terminal amino groups in the mixed LMF composition, including a lower content due to acylation.

-- In multilayer filter media, with removal from the first layer, molecules with a lower chain length begin to predominate in the precipitate on the filter.

We express our thanks to P. V. Smirnov for measuring the molecular weight of specimens and to S. M. Pavelko for taking the x-ray diagrams.


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  • A. V. Dolgov
  • M. P. Vladimirova
  • Yu. V. Glazkovskii

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