Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 25, Issue 6, pp 446–449 | Cite as

Study of the conditions of separation of bicomponent polyamide—Benzimidazole—Polysulfone polymer

  • A. I. Suvorova
  • V. N. Provornyi
  • A. V. Parfent'ev
  • A. V. Tokarev
Chemical Fibre Chemistry And Technology


The effect of the ratio of components of the PABI—PSF polymer mixture dissolved in DMF containing 3 wt. % LiCl and the hardness of the DMF—water spinning bath with a different ratio of DMF and water on the conditions of separation of the bicomponent polymer was demonstrated. The enthalpy of the reaction of the polymer components with the solvent was determined thermochemically. It was found that the lowest enthalpy of the reaction with the solvent was observed in mixtures containing 25% PSF, and this reflects the greatest reaction of the components of the PABI—PSF mixture.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • A. I. Suvorova
  • V. N. Provornyi
  • A. V. Parfent'ev
  • A. V. Tokarev

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