Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 20, Issue 4, pp 284–287 | Cite as

Effect of accuracy in making spinneret holes on uniformity of properties of fibres and yarns

  • V. I. Yankov
  • O. I. Glot
  • V. Z. Volkov
  • V. P. Pervadchuk
  • L. B. Mal'kov
Machines And Apparatus


It has been shown that deviations in size of the capillary height exert the greatest affect on the flow rate of polymer melt through the spinneret hole at an assigned pressure drop; deviations in its diameter exert smaller effect; and deviations in the core entry angle exert the least effect.

Making spinneret holes in the range of tolerances by operating technological conditions can lead to fluctuations in polymer melt flow rate and, consequently, to more than a twofold variation in filament linear density.


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  • V. I. Yankov
  • O. I. Glot
  • V. Z. Volkov
  • V. P. Pervadchuk
  • L. B. Mal'kov

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