Fibre Chemistry

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Preparation of high-molecular-weight polycaproamide by the method of removing water from the melt with nitrogen in the stage of polycondensation at normal pressure

  • A. V. Belyakov
  • E. V. Tyurenkova
  • E. B. Kremer
  • I. M. Vlasov
Chemistry And Technology Of Man-Made Fibres


A necessary condition for obtaining high-quality PCA is carrying out the synthesis process, and, especially, the polycondensation reactions, at a water content in the reaction system which is close to the equilibrium figure. Thereupon, it is preferable to maintain a reduced melt temperature (513–528°K) in the finishing stage of the polycondensation.

It is possible to fulfill the indicated conditions at reasonably high process rates by performing the first stage under water vapor pressure until monomer polymer equilibrium is attained, and performing the polycondensation stage with repeated renewal of a well-developed melt surface, which assists in intensive water removal without local drying out of the polymer.


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  • A. V. Belyakov
  • E. V. Tyurenkova
  • E. B. Kremer
  • I. M. Vlasov

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