Fibre Chemistry

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Capacity method of controlling lubricant content in yarn spinning

  • I. D. Pupyshev
  • Yu. I. Platov
Manufacturing Control


The basic reasons for instability in application of lubricant to a yarn being spun are nonuniformity in the amount of pull-up of lubricant to the yarn on its two sides at the site of contact of the disk by the yarn and fluctuations in the width of laydown of the elementary filaments over the working surface of the disk.

The presence of foam bubbles or fungus film in the bath or on the rotating disk is not allowable.

The capacity method can be use for scientific studies, for optimizing manufacturing control of the yarn lubrication process, and also for diagnostic control of the operation of spinning equipment.


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  • I. D. Pupyshev
  • Yu. I. Platov

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