Fibre Chemistry

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The best shape and size for the reel of thread on a spinning machine

  • V. A. Pirogov
  • N. M. Zemtsova
  • V. E. Tsymbanenko
Science And Technology: Machinery And Apparatus


1. The labour requirements of the production of thick cord threads might be reduced by increasing the winding time of the reels of thread on the machines, i.e., by increasing the dimensions and weights of the reels.

2. It has been found possible to obtain good-quality reels with square ends: the amount of thread wound on an ordinary bobbin can thus be considerably increased.

3. To obtain reels of increased diameter with square ends, it is necessary to increase the angle of pitch of the windings, which in turn means roughly doubling the speed of reciprocation of the thread guide of the distributing mechanism.

4. If the fineness of the formed thread is reduced below 187 tex (N 5.35), it is advisable to go over to other methods of taking up the thread in the spinning machines, e.g., into containers.


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  • V. A. Pirogov
  • N. M. Zemtsova
  • V. E. Tsymbanenko

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