Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 16, Issue 6, pp 443–446 | Cite as

Effect of twist on the breaking characteristics of polyaramide fibres and of reinforced plastics based on them

  • L. V. Pazhitnova
  • É. D. Nemiro
  • L. G. Shusharin
  • O. S. Karchmarchik
  • V. V. Darvina
Physicomechanical Properties And Application Of Man-Made Fibres


Twisting polyaramide yarns to a twist value which does not exceed a critical one leads to a significant increase in their breaking load and a decrease in the coefficient of variation.

A rise in the breaking stress of microcomposites based on polyaramides is observed which is proportional to the rise in strength of the yarns. In the twist region from 50 to 60 twists/m, an increase in strength realization from yarns of linear density 58.8 tex is ensured as compared with specimens from untwisted yearns; this is 11% on the average.


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  • L. V. Pazhitnova
  • É. D. Nemiro
  • L. G. Shusharin
  • O. S. Karchmarchik
  • V. V. Darvina

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