Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 16, Issue 6, pp 392–394 | Cite as

Development of waste-free technology for freeing exhaust air from man-made fibre plants from hydrogen sulfide

  • L. A. Rybakov
  • Yu. M. Afanas'ev
  • I. G. Shimko
  • S. K. Chinennaya
Protection Of The Environment


Devising waste-free technology for the process of cleaning up exhaust air from man-made fibre plants from hydrogen sulfide is tied in with the development of methods for utilization of the main oxidation products of the absorbed hydrogen sulfide — finely dispersed sulfur and sodium thiosulfate.

A process for the preparation of an acarofungicide based on finely divided sulfur has been developed and realized in industry; this is a valuable product which is needed to fulfill the the goals of the Food Program. A process has been developed for the preparation of sodium thiosulfate from absorber solutions in the alkaline-catalytic method of freeing exhaust gases from hydrogen sulfide.


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  • L. A. Rybakov
  • Yu. M. Afanas'ev
  • I. G. Shimko
  • S. K. Chinennaya

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