Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

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Theoretical background of environmental monitoring and its conception in the Czech Republic

  • Dana Procházková


This paper deals with the subject aspects connected with environmental monitoring. It summarizes the survey as to the level of knowledge of the environment and the main tasks that must be solved to ensure the sustainable development of the environment. State-of-art of the knowledge and character of the data sets that are susceptible to the environmental stage description show that it is useful to apply a system approach using the methodology of expert systems to solve the relevant problems of environmental policy. The present concept of environmental monitoring takes into consideration the level of knowledge and main tasks that must be solved to obtain the relevant information for decision-making. Therefore, a reliable set must be established that helps us to introduce expert methods during the preparation of bases for decision-making, i.e.
  • ⋅ data base of stage variables of the environment, i.e. structural units of the environment with mutual relations;

  • ⋅ data base of quantities describing a set of flows through the component parts;

  • ⋅ data base of quantities describing process-response mechanisms, i.e. mechanisms that determine a dynamic behaviour of the environment.

The problem is studied with reagard to the situation in the Czech Republic because the author's aim is to compile a state environmental monitoring; its concept is briefly described in the latter part of the paper. A very pragmatic approach to the problem is chosen for its realization.


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  • Dana Procházková
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  1. 1.Czech Ecological InstitutePragueCzech Republic

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