Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 17, Issue 4, pp 258–261 | Cite as

Effect of surface-active substances on the viscosity of polyacrylonitrile spinning solutions

  • B. É. Geller
  • Yu. M. Malyshev
  • Sh. N. Rizaev
  • G. M. Chebotareva
Chemistry And Technology Of Man-Made Fibres


A content of surface-active substances of the type of berol'-visko-31 of up to 2.4% by wt. in a polyacrylonitrile spinning solution essentially does not affect its effective viscosity or “acting volume” at small shear stresses.

The structural strength of the spinning solution and the apparent activation energy of viscous flow are reduced with increase in the surface-active agent content of the system.


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  • B. É. Geller
  • Yu. M. Malyshev
  • Sh. N. Rizaev
  • G. M. Chebotareva

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