Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 26, Issue 3, pp 167–169 | Cite as

Analysis of steady conditions for spinning of viscose cord fibre

  • S. V. D'yachenko
  • Yu. V. Grigor'ev
Chemical Fibre Chemistry And Technology


Production of viscose cord fibre was analyzed. Two basic conditions for spinning the fibre were determined. A technological interpretation of the identified conditions was given. A method for determining the optimum amount of surfactants added in the stage of cellulose mercerization was proposed. The results of processing experimental batches of cellulose without preliminary treatment with Proxanol CL-3 are reported. A number of changes in the organization of introduction of SF in the technological process at the Svetlogorsk Khimvolokno Industrial Association was proposed.


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  • S. V. D'yachenko
  • Yu. V. Grigor'ev

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