Fibre Chemistry

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Continuous treatment of filament with a dosed amount of reagent

  • A. T. Serkov
  • É. R. Alieva
Chemical Fibre Chemistry And Technology


The characteristics of treatment of filaments with a dosed amount of reagent were examined on the example of elimination of sodium ions from PAN twist. It was shown that a 2 g/liter concentration of H2SO4, required for elimination of sodium ions from 0.026–0.35 to 0.01–0.03%, is attained over the entire section of the twist on contact of PAN twist with a solution of H2SO4 of high concentration, 20–30 g/liter, for 0.2–0.8 sec. The diffusion coefficients of H2SO4 and the thermal conductivity of the twist were determined. It was shown that heating of the twist takes place two orders of magnitude more rapidly than diffusion of sulfuric acid.


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  • A. T. Serkov
  • É. R. Alieva

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