Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 26, Issue 3, pp 159–162 | Cite as

Fabrication and properties of modified polyamide fibres in combination of graft polymerization and alkylation

  • Yu. D. Andrichenko
  • T. V. Druzhinina
  • G. N. Bondarenko
Chemical Fibre Chemistry And Technology


The important possibility of fabricating PCA fibers with improved hygienic properties with a low concentration of polymeric modifier — PDMAEMA quaternary salt — with the reaction of radical graft polymerization in a two-component solution of monomer and alkylating agent was demonstrated. The basic characteristics of graft polymerization of DMAEMA and alkylation combined in the stage of modification of the surface of the fiber-forming polymer were investigated.


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  • Yu. D. Andrichenko
  • T. V. Druzhinina
  • G. N. Bondarenko

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