Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp 62–66 | Cite as

Effect of distributing mechanism parameters on the winding density of yarn on a package

  • E. Z. Regel'man
  • N. V. Rokotov
  • V. N. Kozlov
  • E. A. Tupichenkov
Machines And Apparatus


The relationships obtained afford the possibility of estimating the lengthwise relative nonuniformity in package density in the designing stage.

The parameters of the take-up and winding mechanism — the radius of the transition section of the yarn distributor and the distance from the yarn distributor to the point of incidence of the yarn onto the package — affect package shortening.

More attention should be paid to the transitional section in the construction of yarn-distributing mechanisms for yarns of low linear density.


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  • E. Z. Regel'man
  • N. V. Rokotov
  • V. N. Kozlov
  • E. A. Tupichenkov

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