Fibre Chemistry

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Hydraulic resistance of a deformable layer of fibrous material

  • V. A. Shul'chishin
Chemistry And Technology Of Chemical Fibers


Filtration of spinning solutions, spinning bath, and finishing solutions through a layer of fibrous material is widely used in different chemical fiber plants. In finishing of textile fibers on spools and cakes, the liquid is filtered through a layer of fiber attached by winding. At the same time, filtration is through a layer of unattached, freely packed fibrous material with random orientation of the individual fibers or through layers of nonwoven material in filtration on filters with a metal — gauze — asbestos gravity layer, in fiber finishing or modification processes, and in processes involving ion-exchange, chemisorption, and catalytically active fibrous materials.


Polymer Filtration Chemisorption Asbestos Modification Process 
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