Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 15, Issue 6, pp 438–441 | Cite as

Effect of the polymer matrix on the properties of fibres prepared by sintering polymer dispersions

  • A. L. Koldobskii
  • G. S. Dreizenshtok
  • E. Ya. Sorokin
  • K. E. Perepelkin
  • L. V. Slin'ko
Physicomechanical Properties And Application Of Man-Made Fibres


An approximate estimate is given for the volume of the pores which arise on a statistically dense packing of spherical particles with a known radius distribution, as applicable to processes of preparing fibres from polymer dispersions in a polymer-thickener medium.

The dependence of the physicomechanical properties of polytetrafluoroethylene fibres on the ratio between the original volume of the cellulose matrix and the volume of the pores which arise on packing the disperse particles of Teflon has been shown. An abrupt decrease in the maximum stretch ratio and in fibre strength is connected with the fact that an excess of cellulose hinders the process of sintering the polytetrafluoroethylene particles and increases the number of defects in the fibre structure.


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  • A. L. Koldobskii
  • G. S. Dreizenshtok
  • E. Ya. Sorokin
  • K. E. Perepelkin
  • L. V. Slin'ko

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