Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 19, Issue 3, pp 224–226 | Cite as

Conferring antimicrobial properties on staple fibre based on cellulose

  • V. I. Shlyakhov
  • O. I. Pesnya
  • L. N. Andrianova
  • N. G. Shubenkin
Physico-Mechanical Properties And Application Of Man-Made Fibres


The possibility of giving staple fibres based on cellulose antimicrobial properties by a surface treatment with stearates of quaternary ammonium bases has been investigated.

It has been shown that the stearates of long-chain tetraalkylammonium and alkylpyridinium bases give the fibre antimicrobial properties which are resistant to repeated water treatments.


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  • V. I. Shlyakhov
  • O. I. Pesnya
  • L. N. Andrianova
  • N. G. Shubenkin

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