Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 19, Issue 3, pp 180–183 | Cite as

Quality of pigments and dyes used in extrusion polymer coloring concentrates

  • V. P. Sitnik
  • I. N. Bykova
  • A. P. Andronova
Chemistry And Technology Of Man-Made Fibres


A need has been shown to evaluate certain quality characteristics of the pigments and dyes used in EPCC (dispersity and looseness) which affect the accuracy of metering them and dispersing them in a polymer medium.

It has been found that characterizing the heat-resistance of polymer-soluble coloring agents by the amount of decrease in concentration of the coloring component gives a more accurate estimate, which is free of the subjectivity of the visual method.

The fundamental possibility of preparing EPCC which excel in quality the PCC which are prepared from the product of hydrolytic oligomerization of caprolactam and are used in coloring polyamide tow yarn has been demonstrated.


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  • V. P. Sitnik
  • I. N. Bykova
  • A. P. Andronova

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