Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 17, Issue 2, pp 145–147 | Cite as

Preparation of crimped synthetic yarns directly during the spinning process

  • Yu. V. Krainov
  • D. V. Fil'bert
  • A. S. Chegolya
Chemistry And Technology Of Man-Made Fibres


The practical possibility of preparing yarns with an adequate crimp directly during the spinning process without expensive operations to give yarns a crimp by mechanical means has been demonstrated experimentally.

Yarn crimp is achieved by using spinnerets having holes of variable cross-section; this ensures obtaining yarns with a “head-tail” cross-sectional profile.

The authors express their thanks to K. H. Gaitel, a specialist in the Schwartz (East Germany) man-made fibre company and to F. Dolke and G. Tuschan, specialists in the spinneret manufacturing plant in Grebzig (East Germany) for help in carrying out this work.


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  • Yu. V. Krainov
  • D. V. Fil'bert
  • A. S. Chegolya

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