Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 18, Issue 5, pp 401–402 | Cite as

Use of chromium-plated yarn guide elements on the KO-228-IM2 machine

  • I. N. Ivanova
  • R. A. Rumyantsev
  • T. G. Shmotina
Machines And Apparatus


Defects in the scheme for passing yarns through the plastic rolls on the fibre-guide bars on KO-228-IM2 twisting machines have been noted.

It has been recommended to use chrome fibre-guide bars with round microprojections on the surface instead of polished chrome-plated bars.


Polymer Chrome Guide Element Plastic Roll Yarn Guide 

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  • I. N. Ivanova
  • R. A. Rumyantsev
  • T. G. Shmotina

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