On construction of Markov processes

  • R. M. Blumenthal


Let σ be the time of hitting 0 for a standard Markov process X(t) with state space (0, ∞), probabilities Px and sub-probability operators Ptf(x)=Ex(f(X(t)); t<σ). An extension of X(t) is a Markov process whose induced probabilities ¯Px satisfy Ex(f(X(t)); t<σ)=Ptf(x). Excursion theory yields for each extension an entrance law ηs, s>0 (ηsP t =ηt+s). Conversely given ηs, one may construct an excursion (or characteristic) measure on path space and a Poisson point process Y. K. Ito and S. Watanabe refer to the possibility of using Y to construct an extension having the prescribed entrance law. In this paper we verify that under quite general conditions this is indeed possible.


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