Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds

, Volume 29, Issue 3, pp 307–312 | Cite as

The vicarious intramolecular substitution reactions. I. Synthesis of condensed indolizines based on 2-quinoxalylacetonitriles

  • S. V. Litvinenko
  • Yu. M. Volovenko
  • F. S. Babichev


The interaction of α-substituted 2-(3-chloro)quinoxalylacetonitriles with azines to give condensed indolizino [2,3-b]quinoxalines has been studied. A mechanism for the reaction has been proposed which includes an intramolecular vicarious substitution of hydrogen in the azolium salt nucleus. The limits of utility of the reaction have been determined and some chemical properties of the compounds synthesized have been studied.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • S. V. Litvinenko
    • 1
  • Yu. M. Volovenko
    • 1
  • F. S. Babichev
    • 1
  1. 1.Kiev Technological Institute for the Food IndustryKiev

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